Harlingen Havenstad

Harlingen-havenstad, the most beautiful inland port in the Netherlands has a vast history and services to tell. This port, which built through time has the domain in terms of trading. Started to grow in the 12th century when some monks in the nearby monastery dug canals to improve the city’s trade activities, gained its wealth and fame. With its rich history in fishing and shipping, Harlingen Port continuous to attract more and more travelers and traders.

Port of Harlingen aims to deliver exemplary services both to the local travelers and traders who commercialize their products. Port of Harlingen aims convenience also to the tourists especially those who planned their Amsterdam holiday as this port also gives way for the tourist to discover the rich culture of the city. The port serves as one of the most convenient and excellent terminals in the city. It welcomes the tourist and travelers to the beauty of the city that was saved through the test of time, its original fortifications as well as its astonishing canals, historic warehouses and mansions and charming little alleys in between. No wonder it is one expedient experience to include this on one’s Amsterdam city trip. It is not one of Amsterdam’s top sightseeing, but one of Netherland’s fascinating destinations. 

Harlingen’s Gateway

Harlingen-havenstad, being so accessible, serves as a gateway to the city of Harlingen to different kinds of travelers and traders. One could vaticinate that the city would continue to thrive its popularity in the years to come through the help of the port. We at Harlingen-Havenstad aspires to present not just the quality of our port’s service and security but also to present the beauty of our city. Harlingen-havenstad as a gateway to the city and to serve a lot of best options to have a tour in the country. If you are looking for a substitute for the Amsterdam canal tour, the city of Harlingen is one best option. While renting a bike in Amsterdam as a way of touring and appreciating the city, it is one fun activity also to spend within Harlingen. Spending a night in the city feels like a cheap night in Amsterdam. Harlingen also offers a wide array of selection to introduce the Frisians artistic side. Just like the famous Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Harlingen has their Museum Hannemahuis, where it showcases the history of the city as well as the variety of paintings, pictures, silver works, and maritime artifacts.


Harlingen as Netherlands’ economic builder.

We also intend to build the city’s economy and purport to help the local businesses such as the local salt factory, fishing, and shipping by maintaining our highest standards in transportation. As in this way, products from the city will be easily commercialized to the nearby towns, bringing a huge help to the livelihood of the locals. As we help in commercializing our locals’ products, we also aim to strengthen the city’s affiliation and being of help also to the other cities. With this endeavor, it is our utmost priority to be of great service.

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